Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, June 24, 2013

Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan

My book review today is on the book Daughter of Joy, it is in the Brides of Culdee Creek Series by Kathleen Morgan. I don't read a lot of historical fiction, although I am reading more than I use to. I really enjoyed this book. The characters were broken and just trying to survive but God had another plan, they helped each other to heal. I liked that concept because that is the best way for a person to heal, to help someone else. The story was very well written and quite humorous as they journey back to the true meaning of life and God's purpose for them. Kathleen did an excellent job.

Abigail Stanton was the daughter of a minister who married her off to a man fifteen years older than she was.
Her husband had a call to build a mission but died before he could complete it. Abby had lived under her father's faith and then her husband's, so when her husband died she had a hard time but after God took her son, her faith was floundering. Her sister-in-law thought she should start the mission but Abby saw no way to do that without money. Answering an ad in the paper, she interviewed for a job as a housekeeper and a teacher. Her sister-in-law told her all about how terrible this man was, a widower, womanizer, and Godless man. The interview didn't go well. He demanded an answer right away so she left but God dealt with her so she ran back told him she would take it.

Conor MacKay is a rancher. He desperately needs a housekeeper and a teacher for his young daughter who had been thrown out of school. His wife had left him over ten years ago, he later found out she had been killed in a fire. He took an Indian woman to help raise his small son finally taking her into his bed. She died leaving him a daughter. He had hired many housekeepers, most just wanted him or his ranch and had done much harm to his young half-breed daughter. His son had ran off last year with all of his savings, forcing him to sell some of his land. As far as Conor it was all God's fault. Drink seemed to be his only comfort. He didn't want this pious, beautiful woman but he had no choice.

He told Abby she could work for him only if she never mentioned God's name in his house and so starts a journey for the three of them. You will laugh and you will cry as they take step after step closer to where God wants to take them. I know you will love this story, I know I will find the next one in the series. God bless you all and have a great week.

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