Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, December 9, 2011


How can time be so out of control? Is it only me or is it flying by at warp speed. I turn around and days have gone by. I can't believe it is not only December but it is almost half way over. That is frightening to me because I
I have a birthday coming up next week.

How can I possibly be another year older? Did anyone see Tangled? The evil mother has a line that comes to mind to me at this time. "It can't be your birthday, I distinctly remember you had one last year." It is too bad that doesn't count.  At sixty-six I should just be glad I am alive and healthy.

Tomorrow we will have our Christmas Tea. Next week my grandson Cade is coming to stay a few days so we can have Christmas with him. (You remember my daughter Amie went to heaven last May so he lives with his dad) I am excited to spend time with him we have always been close. He is now seven and one half. That one half is important at his age.

As a single mother raising four children alone Christmas was a hard time for me. That birthday made it that much more difficult for me to handle. Each year you know you are that much less attractive and odds of finding someone to care about getting worse every day. Now it is not so important.

Christmas is still hard for me. My daughter and her husband are very happy together but I am still alone.
God is my Husband but there are times when that seems like not quite enough.  After my birthday I will do
much better.

How about you? Are they holidays hard on you? Do you get bogged down? Are you alone like me?

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