Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, December 23, 2011


He came! How awesome is that. We were lost with no hope.Through one man's sin we were cursed. We were destined to spiritual death, separation from God. A life of desperation.

BUT HE CAME!!!!!!!!!!!! He came as a helpless baby. Is there anything more fragile or helpless than an infant. Yet He came as one. He wasn't born as we were. He wasn't born to live He was born to die. Imagine, He came to die for you and for me. He loved us that much. He knew from the beginning of time that that was the only way. He knew what he would have to endure but He did it for us that we might live in Him. How glorious!

Every single book of the Bible talks about His coming. Every single book talks about His redemption and the plan of of Salvation. Salvation doesn't just mean we get to go to heaven. There is so much more to salvation than that. Yes it means a spiritual rebirth, most of us can agree to that. It means He will reign in our hearts. It also means healing. Not all of can agree with that. Many people believe that only Jesus could heal and it passed away when the disciples died. Did you all see The Passion Of Christ? Parts of it weren't shown because it was so graphic but there was no way to show what was really done to our Lord. The Bible says He was not recognizable as a man. His own mother wouldn't have recognized Him if she hadn't witnessed the whole thing. He took all those lashes for my healing, for yours. thirty-nine stripes. the problem with that count was that each lash was done with a whip that had countless strips of leather tied with broken glass and strips of metal. Each lash tore at his flesh and ripped away His flesh. He did that for my healing. How can I turn around and say it's not God's will to heal today when He did that for me? He became poor that I might become rich. That is what the Bible says. He gave up everything for me, EVERYTHING! If that isn't love what is?

HE CAME!! He came that I might be set free. GLORY!!!!  GLORY!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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