Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lone Star Bachelor by Linda Goodnight

My review today is on the Love Inspired, Lone Star Bachelor. This is the fourth book in the Buchanon Series. I really enjoyed this book; it's well written, intriguing, and humorous. You are really going to love this one. Linda's an awesome story teller.

Buchanon Built Construction has being having sabotage on some of the homes they have built in the last two years. Now the threats have escalated and are singling out Sawyer Buchanon. Who could be after him and what he could have done? Although some may see him as a player Sawyer s a good Christian man, a man of integrity. Is a woman stalker even a possibility? He's against getting a PI but he is intrigued and drawn to the the lovely detective.

Private Investigator Jade Warren has been hired to find out who is harassing the Buchanons. Unknown to the Buchanon she has a history with the family. She has been raised to hate all the Buchanons; they were the reason for all her fathers problems. Jade is divorced from a player that is much like Sawyer. A man that was wonderful until they married; then she found out he was more abusive than her father had been. The more she gets to know Sawyer the more confused she becomes. The Buchanons are nothing like she has been led to believe. Was her family the ones who are harassing them?

A journey of betrayal, forgiveness, and intrigue. God has a plan for these two; a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. Just give Him your heart and watch Him turn your life around.

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