Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Redeeming by Tamara Leigh

My review today is on the Medieval Romance, The Redeeming. This is the third book in the Age of Faith Series. I have so enjoyed these books. As far as I'm concerned these are a must read series. I have had a really hard time putting this book down; it is well written, action packed, and faith filled.
You will love it.

Gaenor Wulfrith has been ordered to marry Baron Christian Lavonne. She and her sister escaped her mother's castle and she is now hiding in the infamous Wulfrith Castle where women are not allowed. As she hides she meets a man that stirs her blood as no one else has been able to do. Her brothers finally decide that the Baron is not cruel like his brother and his father so it is arranged for Gaenor to meet her future husband. When she is informed of a deal her brother made with her betrothed she runs again. The knight that takes her away is a man she had a past with and when she returns she has to admit that she is no longer a pure maiden. Her betrothed, the man that she has come to care for, marries her anyway but doesn't trust her.

Christian Lavonne goes to Wulfrith Castle to train with his betrothed brothers. He had been raised to become a priest but now is the baron and is not strong in some areas. The Wulfrith brothers are the best at training. He knows Gaenor as he meets her in the shadows of the chapel at Wulfrith Castle but wants to know more of her before they marry so he doesn't reveal who he is. He comes to care for her a great deal but is then forced to leave her without telling her who he really is. When he goes to finally meet her she has run off with the knight he knows that she once cared for but who loves her sister. When they find her and he is told that she is no longer a virgin he agrees to marry her but will not consummate the marriage until he is sure she doesn't carry the other man;s child. 

A struggle of two broken souls; both feel like they are not worthy of love or blessings but are drawn to each other. God has a plan for these two, a plan much greater than they had ever dreamed. God has a plan for you too. Surrender to Him and watch Him work in your life. He is awesome!

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