Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, September 2, 2016

Starting Over by Rachel Hanna

My review today is on the story, Starting Over. This is A Whiskey Ridge Romance.I haven't read any of Rachel's books before but I enjoyed it. I must warn my Christian followers this is not a Christian romance. It does have some colorful language, not anything extreme though and there was more sexual tension than the books I normally read but no graphic sex scenes. The book is well written, humorous, and heart warming.

Kelly Cole had a tragic childhood. She was raised by parent's addicted to drugs, her father now in prison and her mom a hoarder. Because of that she lived her life in complete control. She owned a small home and rented a building for her spa. She loved the peace and quiet of her business until one day everything changed. A man moved in upstairs and turned her life upside down. She did everything she could to get rid of him. After her boyfriend ran off with her best friend the last thing she needed in her life was a good looking, sexy ninja warrior.

Quinn Maverick is a widower and he has rented the upstairs portion of a spa for his Karate school so that he can start over. His wife has only been dead for a year and he wasn't expecting to be attracted to the cute little owner of the spa. He did everything he could to dislike this woman. She was such an irritation.

A journey of two hurting people trying their best not to like each other but the attraction would not be denied. To bad they didn't know about how God could change their lives. God has a plan for each of us. A plan much greater than we can ever imagine. Trust God and He will show Himself mighty in your behalf. God bless you

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