Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sarah's Orphans by Vanessa Chapman

My review today is on the Amish Romance, Sarah's Orphans. This is one of the Plain and Simple Miracles Series. I do enjoy Vanessa's book; they touch your heart. This book is well written, humorous, and heart warming. I know you will enjoy it. I especially liked her characters.

Sarah Yoder lost her bi-polar father after he ran off in the middle of a storm. Her mother is suffering from grief and depression. Sarah and her eldest brother are left caring for their younger siblings. They had really been the care givers of the family for years. One day Sarah almost runs over a child in her buggy. She follows him and finds a young boy caring for his sick sister. She brings them home and falls in love with these two. She takes classes to become their foster parent even though her house is full of siblings.

Paul Byler comes to Cody Creek to help care for his brother after he has a heart attack. Paul is now helping his sister-in-law run the store but dream is to have his own place. He has a chance to buy a small farm next to the Yoder farm. He heard someone in the store one night but found no one there. Someone had stolen a bottle of Children's Tylenol. He is not surprised when Sarah finds the two children hiding close to the store. He is drawn to Sarah and her family and asks her brothers to help him with his dilapidated farm.

A journey of a desperate girl trying to care for a houseful of children that she loves. Trying to understand the abandonment of her parents, and the man trying to help them as he stands by her whenever she needs him. God has a plan for this broken family and it is an awesome plan. God has a plan for you too. Turn you heart over to Him and watch Him work in your life. 

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