Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, June 10, 2016

Impossible Love by Samantha Price

My review today is on the first book in the Amish Wedding Season Series, Impossible Love. I really enjoy Amish stories so of course I liked this story. Samantha does a great job on anything Amish. This story is well written, faith based, and has a few twists and turns. I know you will enjoy it.

Verity Fisher works for her parents in the family restaurant. She was once engaged and was to be married soon but her fiancee` took off to make money to buy them a home. He promised to be back very soon. That was six years ago and she hadn't heard a word in all that time. She promised to wait and so she did but now all the men her age are already married and she is left with a broken heart. Not only that but he had talked her parents into buy a huge house to turn into a B&B; a place that would soon fall to pieces. Verity's heart has become bitter as she kept thinking of her future.

Reuben King grew up in the Amish community. He was excited about his upcoming wedding but needed money to buy them a home. His Englisher friend talked him into leaving the community and make some easy money. He listened to his friend and left all that he held dear. Reuben got caught up in all the things of the world and has become a millionaire. Soon it was to late to contact Verity. Reuben receives a letter telling him his mother was in the hospital. He returns to find his mother is not ill and he believes it's from Verity. He is furious as he goes to confront her. She is even more beautiful than before and all his feelings came rushing back. The only problem is she is very angry.

A journey of love and forgiveness. She can forgive but how can she forget of trust? Can God bring them together when they have messed up their lives? God has a plan for these two and He can bring them back together. God has a plan for you two but you must give Him control of your lives. "Have faith in God" He will turn your life around.

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