Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Coffee Shop Romances

This is a collection of novellas. I really enjoyed this set. I'm going to review each story in this one review. I know I don't usually do it this way but I'm really behind in my reviews.
SAFE HAVEN by Mary Connealy.
I love Mary's work and she is from Nebraska so what is not to love, just sayin.... Stacy Harding is a computer expert. She's flaky and feisty. She grew up in foster care but has been on her own since her early teens. She has gotten everything she has by the barter system. Her beauty has become a burden so she tries to plays it down. She is offered a job with Triune Corporation but she won't sign a contract.
Clay Slater is a rich man, the owner of Triune Corporation. He is intrigued by her ability and offers her a job but she will only work temporarily. He is appalled to learn of her life style. A great journey of two dysfunctional people but God has a plan for them.
STOLEN KISSES by Debbie Guisti
I really enjoy Debbie's suspense stories; don't you? Amanda Hopkins has returned home to care for her fourteen year old brother, Caleb and to sell her deceased parent's home. Her parents were living way  above their means. now it was up to her to clean up their mess. At a convenience story she witnesses a robbery but a cop keeps her safe. Caleb, just out side the door, seems to recognize the thief but tells the police he didn't know him. Police Officer Noah Ryan helps her but after a past neither wants to remember he tries to keep his distance. Amanda and Caleb are under attack; Noah has no choice but to protect them. An awesome journey of survival. God has a plan!
ABBY'S HERO by Tina Radcliffe
I really enjoyed this story it is quite humorous. PI Jack Evans and his partner Charlie are investigating a ten year old cold case. Abby's husband was the thief that supposedly stolen diamonds and was then killed. The diamonds were never found. Widow Abby Thorton is the mother of twin girls. They are a way at Bible camp when Jack comes undercover to help her with her plumbing. Jack soon finds out that he's not the only one looking for the diamonds and lives are in danger. Can Jack keep them safe or will only God be able to save them.
This is a really cute story. Willow Valentine leave Atlanta to go North after her life falls apart. She'll go as far North as she can go and then she'll start over. She ends up in High Hopes, Georgia in the middle of a parade. Her car breaks down and everyone is upset. Ex-military Trent Merriwether just returned from the middle east; he steps up and pushes her car out of the way of the parade and then helps her. Attracted to the young beauty he tries to pull a way but  feels he must help her. God has a plan for them and High Hopes is where she belongs.

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  1. Glenda, I'm so glad you liked the collections. Broken Bow huh? I was in Burwell last summer so I got out a long way! :)