Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Long Way Home by Staci Stallings

My review today is on the novel, The Long Way Home. I enjoyed this book very much and I'm sure you will too. This book is well written, heartwarming, and faith filled. The character, although flawed are people you will fall in love with.

Jaxton Anderson is sent to his grandfather's farm to get his estate in order. His grandfather had a heart attack just a few months earlier and his family want to make sure they get all they can. Jaxton, a city boy didn't want to come to the rural area but didn't have any choice. An accountant in his fathers business, he must do as he is told. He didn't even know the old man. Lost out in the middle of nowhere, he pulls into and old farm and meets the beautiful Ami Martin. Ami points him to the farm next door. Jaxton thought she was beautiful but very unfriendly and rude.

Ami Martin is trying to prepare her farmhouse for a bed and breakfast. She is not impressed with the citified grandson of her grandfather's best friend. Ami had been left the farm house by her beloved grandfather who shared her vision but her father is trying to take it a way from her. If she doesn't get the place fixed up and ten reservations by September 1 her father will sell the place. She didn't have time for this spoiled accountant. The next day Ami must go to the town for supplies but she hasn't been able to fix the pickup so she rides her bike. On her way home a storm breaks out and a little red sports car runs her off the road. He didn't even stop; even when the hail started. Jax told his grandfather later that he had passed someone on the road and they went back to find Ami hurt and laying under a tree.

Jax tries to apologize and ends up helping her get her place fixed up. These two are both suffering from parents that have nothing to do with them or their lives. Both are blessed with loving grandfathers even though one has gone home. God has a plan for these two and it's far greater than they had ever dreamed of. God has a plan for you too. Trust Him with all your heart and lean not into your own understanding. You will be surprised at what He has planned for your life.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my novel. I'm so glad you liked it. May God bless you!