Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Bride by Terri Grace

My review today is on the Christmas Bride, Mail Order Bride; Brides for all Season, Book 3, A Gift for Pete. I haven't read any of Terri's books before but this one was excellent. I love mail order bride stories so I was enchanted with this book. It's hard to understand what would make a woman leave everything she knows to go across the country to marry a stranger. It intrigues me.

Emily and her young brother lived with her drunken abusive father. her neighbor talked her into answering a mail order bride advertisement and to contact her aunt to take Jimmy.So Emily sets out to deliver her brother to her aunt and to meet her new husband, Doctor Pete. They had been exchanging letters for some time but Pete was unaware of her inability to read or write. (Her neighbor was answering his letters and writing them.) Could she keep her secret?

Doctor Pete, now in his forties, was surprised when he saw the beautiful young girl. He had assumed she was an old maid. Well at least she could be a nurse if the marriage didn't work out. Pete had been married before and had lost his wife. He didn't feel it was important to share this with her. It was just his secret to bare.

An excellent story that will touch your heart. I know you will enjoy it. 

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