Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Christmas Cradle by Charlotte Hubbard

My review today is on the Amish Novella, The Christmas Cradle. This is one of the Seasons of Heart series. I have loved this series. This book is well written, humorous, and heart warming. I have loved all the characters in this series and enjoy watching their lives change throughout the series. If you haven't read any of Charlotte's work you need to get a copy of this book.

This story is really about two couples; Miriam and Ben Hooley are married and expecting there first child a little before Christmas. Ben handcrafted a beautiful cradle for a gift for his wife. Miriam was married before and has a set of grown triplets, (They were in the previous book) but Ben is much younger and this is his first. The second couple are not married but are also expecting their first child before Christmas.  Lena Esch and her boyfriend Josiah Witmer our passing through town but get stranded by the weather. Ben rescues them and brings them home with him.

Lena Esch is only eighteen. She has ran away from her strict Amish parents feeling her baby needs it's father. She has talked Josiah into bringing her along but things are not going well. Ben commands them to stop fighting before he will take them home to his wife. He will not have anything that will upset her.

Josiah Witmer and his sister have been catering events at home. He found a new position on line and is on the way to take over the restaurant when they got lost and stranded by the storm. He is fed up with Lena, all she does is whine and complain. He has half a mind to leave her here and take off.

As Josiah shares his new job with Ben, Miriam and Ben share all the problems that this town has had with the man that would be his new boss. Josiah begins to worry about everything that seems to be going wrong.

This is a great story about how and older stable couple can minister to a young couple and the problems they are facing as their worlds begin to be turned upside down by an evil man trying to have his own way. Lena and Josiah soon learn they must lean on God. He is the only one that can see them through. God is so good and you will find that He has a plan for you and it will be far greater than anything you had hoped for.

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