Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Easy Prey by Lisa Phillips

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Easy Prey. I always enjoy Lisa's books, she writes a mean suspense. This book is no exception; it's well written, action packed, and faith filled. Her characters although flawed are intriguing. I know you will love this book.

Elise Tanner returns home to rehabilitate the zoo that was destroyed in a devastating storm. She never planned to return to the town that had almost destroyed her; two decades ago she walked away from her husbands funeral and never looked back. She didn't know what to expect from her family or her husband's family when they saw the son she never told them about. As Nathan and Elise check out the zoo she is attacked and rescued by her former brother-in-law, a man she once loved but he had left her to survive alone.

US Marshall Jonah Rivers has always been drawn to Elise but she was to young for him. Thinking she would wait for him he joined the military but she married his brother. Soon after his brother's death she disappeared and he was unable to find her. Now in pursuit of her outlaw brother he finds her attacked and in need of protection. Is she involved in something with her brother? Could she have change that much? As he meets Nathan it's like looking into the eyes of his brother. He must keep these two safe.

A journey of two broken people as they struggle against ruthless men that only want them dead. They learn that God is the only one that will be able to get them out of this mess. God has a plan. God has a plan for each of us if we will reach out and trust him. It will be far greater than anything you ever dreamed of.

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