Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long

My review today is on the novella  The Amish Christmas Sleigh. As I usually do on novellas I will write a review on each story in the book. Today my review is on the story, A Sleigh Ride on Ice Mountain. I love Kelly's book on Ice Mountain so I was thrilled when they sent me this one to review. I think the thing I like most about her stories are the men. They are big strong men that are gentle and loving. I like that. This story is well written, humorous, and heartwarming. The issues that her characters are dealing with are complex and life changing but she uses faith to turn things around.

Kate Zook feels that she is past the age of marriage but she doesn't mind because her little brother is the whole world to her. Her parents were killed in a buggy accident and her brother was crippled. Caring for him is a constant struggle but her cousins has offered her a place to stay and she does housework for them for food and necessities.

Sebastion Christner, is a toy maker. He lives alone out in the woods. He loves children. He sees young Ben Zook sitting on a tree trunk watching the other children sledding. It breaks his heart so he takes him in the sled and heads down the hill only to be stopped by the boys sister. When Sebastion sees how these two live he decides to hire Kate as a housekeeper and the boy to help him make toys. He wants to help them but his past means there can be no relationship between them no matter how much he is drawn to her.

God has a plan for these two heart broken people; a plan neither of them had ever even dreamed of. God has a plan for you too and it's greater than you can even imagine. We just have to believe God's Word and trust Him to do it.

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