Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rx Murder by Richard L. Mabry M.D.

I was asked to read and review this novella, Rx Murder. I appreciate the fact that Richard has actually read my blog but what I really appreciate is that Margaret Daily suggested he visit it. What a blessing that was to me. This story is well written, suspenseful, and surprising. I know you will enjoy it too. I liked the characters except for Luke. He reminds me of my ex-husband. Abuse is a hard thing to write  and to read about but it is an epidemic in our world.

Luke Stewart is an abusive husband. the book opens with him using his pregnant wife as a punching bag. Mary Lou does everything she can to make the man she loves happy but she fail constantly. It's her fault, everything is because she knows her husband loves her and does want to hurt her. The morning after her beating she goes to the doctor to make sure the baby is okay.

Dr. Elena Gardner treats Mary Lou and tries to talk her into leaving her husband but Mary Lou is uneducated, unskilled, and still in love with her husband so she refuses. Elena calls her fiancee, Dr. David Merritt who is Mary Lou's OB doctor to let him know what has happened. David is furious and vows to find a way to help Mary Lou.

David has breakfast with his friend Judge Will Kennedy the next morning. He asks for advice but the judge has none. David tells him what he really wants to do is beat the man senseless. The judge gets a call that Luke was found dead that morning by his wife. The judge suggests David talks to the sheriff since the restaurant is full and people had to have heard his statement. The judge gives him the name of a lawyer, Randy Sparling to take with him to talk to the sheriff.

The doctors do all they can to get help for Mary Lou even after she is arrested. Their church comes forward to help. Randy steps up and helps. These people show the true love of God in how they help the victim. A great story. 

I come from a background of abuse and my work is to try to educate women (and men) that there is life after abuse. God's will is never for you to live with someone that is destroying you; that includes emotionally, verbally, or physically. I have been through them all and I think the emotional and verbal is worse. The physical bruises and cuts will eventually go away but the emotional trauma can torment you the rest of your life. God has a plan and He can heal, deliver, and change your life if you can learn to trust Him.

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  1. I am so sorry Richard I deleted your comment but I want to tell you I appreciate your taking the time to respond. God bless you.