Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, July 31, 2015

Amish White Christmas---Snowflakes on Goose Pond by Samantha Jillian Bayarr

My review today is on the Novella, Amish White Christmas. Today we will talk about the first story, Snowflakes on Goose Pond. I love Amish stories, such a simpler way of life, at least in some ways. I'm sure life would be a lot of hard work and I'm not sure I would want to actually live that way. I haven't read any of Samantha's books but I did enjoy this one and hope to read more of her work. The stories are well written, heartwarming, and full of faith. You will love this story.

Ruby loved to ice skate, it made her feel close to mamm, plus skating made her feel like flying and she was able to escape her overbearing cousin. Priscilla (Prissy) had moved here recently and had decided she was going to marry right away. She kept putting Ruby down to make herself look better. Today Ruby was skating on the pond when she noticed Jesse watching her. Prissy told her to stopping watching him. He was going to ask her to court and so stay away from him.

Jesse Fisher watched Ruby float across the ice. He'd had a crush on her from grade school, now they were both out of school and his feelings were much stronger. He really wanted to spend time with her. He finally gets up the courage to ask her to teach him to skate so he won't embarrass himself at the Christmas Skating Party. He has every intention of taking Ruby to the party but every time he gets anywhere close to Ruby Prissy pushes herself between them.

Ruby and Jesse struggle to find their way while the bully Prissy does everything in her power to keep them apart. Life is like that. It seems there is always something or someone trying to drive a wedge between you and the plan that God has for you. It is hard to have a trusting heart when distractions are coming from all directions. God's plan for us is worth fighting for and is so much greater than we can imagine. Don't let even your loved ones become a wedge between you and the Lord. God bless you and go get this book. 

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