Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, July 27, 2015

Joint Investigation by Terri Reed

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Joint Investigation. This is the second book in the Northern Border Patrol Series and is an awesome story. Terri is a great writer when it comes to action books and I love reading her work. The story is well written, full of action, and twists. It's a hard book to read as it deals with a serial killer, those can be difficult. What makes men and a few women go off their rails and kill just for the thrill of it? Terri handled the subject with a great deal of understanding and her killer is very convincing.

FBI Agent Samantha (Sami) Bennett is searching for a serial killer that had killed her best friend six months ago. No one else believed that any of the murders were connected but there is no doubt in Sami's mind that they are connected and that the killer was toying with her. She goes to the next clue that the "Birdman" had left for her. She figures he is long gone but she has to go in to find the mutilated body he had left behind and the next clue. As she tries to enter the room she is attacked from behind and hauled down the corridor.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Drew Kelley and the Integrated Border Enforcement Teams task force are waiting across the parking lot for a major drug deal to take place when someone wearing a FBI jacket tried to enter their crime scene. She tells them of the killer she's following but not believing her they tie her up and leave to breach the room. The place is set up to be an ambush for Sami but the killer escapes. If Drew hadn't stopped her she would be dead. He must protect her at all costs so he becomes her partner in the investigation.

So starts a journey of two investigators trying to figure out the mind of the deranged man that they might bring a stop to this man's rampage across the two nations. Only God can intervene and keep these two alive as they grow closer to capturing this killer. God always has a plan for us and if we can just trust him He will lead us into things we never even dreamed of.

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