Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Payback by Hope White

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Payback. This is the third book in the Echo Mountain Series. I was thrilled to see that at the end of this book Hope writes to look for more books in the Echo Mountain Series later this year. I have loved this series and I liked that she incorporated the characters of the first two books. These stories are all well written, I loved her characters, and the action that filled the books. Faith is a big part of Hope's books. I really like that. I look forward to the next book. I know you will love this book.

Nia Sharpe came from an abusive family. She suffered greatly at the hands of her stepfather and finally escaped to attend college and start a new life. Unfortunately that meant leaving her baby brother to endure the abuse; now years later she still feels the guilt. She never expected to have her past find her at Echo Mountain Resort where she was now the concierge. Two strange men come looking for her boss, feeling something was not right she went out on the mountain trail to find him before the men could reach him. Confronted by the men she takes off around a switchback but slips and falls.

Ex-military Aiden McBride  now is managing the resort while his boss is out of town. He goes on a camping trip but changes his mind. As he returns he hears a scream and watches as Nia falls down the mountain side. He sets off to rescue her, after all he is a member of the search and rescue team. Nia tells him of men following her, they were after him, and he is in danger. Aiden calls for help but before help comes gun shots are heard. Can he protect her?

Thus the adventure begins as FBI men are after Nia and Aiden, her brother shows up needing money, a man named Gus breaks into her house, and dead bodies begin to surface. Two broken people; Aiden unable to forget how he failed his friend in the past and Nia refusing to be a victim any longer but needing to save her fragile boss and her messed up brother. It's a great story, God always has a plan, there might be surprises, twists, and turns but He will always work it out for you if you but trust and believe.

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