Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Explosive Alliance by Susan Sleeman,,,,,,,

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Explosive Alliance. This is the second book in the First Responder Series. I love Susan's writing, her suspense stories are unbeatable. This one didn't disappoint me, it's well written, full of action, and faith is interwoven throughout the story. I love that about Susan. You will want to run out and get a copy of this book.

Krista Curry has returned home to care for her grandfather. She had been widowed several years ago and been the main suspect in her husband's murder. The daughter of a con-man and a murder, (now in prison) she went on the run but returned with a new name praying that no one recognized her. Her grandfather is going through chemo, she takes him to a soccer game but spills his glass of water. She takes the cup and walks by a handsome guard standing by the fence. When she returns a man leaves a back pack in his seat and walks out. She calls him back but he just glares at her with cold hate-filled eyes. The game is interrupted when she finds a bomb.

Cash Dixon was standing by as a guard for the game. He noticed the beautiful woman as she walks by, he gives her a flirtatious smile but doesn't receive much encouragement. He's shocked when she comes back to him and tells him of the bomb. While she was telling him another woman sees the bomb and screams, the crowd goes crazy. Cash goes up to check out the bomb but there isn't time for his team to get there so as a explosive expert he disarmed the bomb. Krista saw the bomber so now he must protect her and her grandfather without loosing his heart. Cash's team views Krista as their main suspect.

This is a journey of two broken people that are unable to trust and refused to let go of their secrets. Read how their secrets come forth and God takes control. He always has a plan for us. You will love this story.

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