Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Wrongly Accused by Laura Scott

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book Wrongly Accused. This book is the first book in the SWAT:Top Cops Series. This book is written by Laura Scott. I loved this book. My son was Special Forces and is now a deputy sheriff so I like these kind of books. It is well written and full of action. They don't know who to trust, I like that. Both of her main characters are broken and trying to find their way which didn't include a relationship but God had His own plans.

Caleb O'Malley was a member of a SWAT team but fourteen months ago he was accused of murdering his wife. Released now for lack of evidence, he goes to pick up his five year old daughter. Kaitlin doesn't want to go to him and hangs on dearly to her foster mother but loses the stuffed toy she held. Caleb bent over to pick up the toy just a bullet struck the door where his head was a moment ago. He shoved the foster mother and his daughter into the house to save their lives. Grabbing car keys on the table he led them to the garage.

Noelle Whiteman was Kaitlin's preschool teacher when her mother was murdered. Noelle was a licensed foster parent so she requested to care for Kaitlin. She had heard all the talk about Caleb and didn't trust him but then after her past she didn't trust any men. Now she was on the run with a total stranger.

Caleb's only hope was to find out who was framing him. It had to be one of his own team. He knew Noelle didn't believe him, he really couldn't blame her for that. Now the eye witness is dead along with his lawyer, a warrant was out for his arrest, and they were running out of money.

A great story. I know you will enjoy every minute of it. God bless you all and have a great weekend. I won't be  posting on Monday as I have to go to a specialist out of town. Pray for me, I don't want to have surgery.

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  1. Thank you fo much for the lovely review! And I will pray for you so that you won't need surgery. Please take care and thanks again! Laura Scott