Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When A Heart Stops by Lynette Eason

Please accept my apology, I'm sorry about Monday, I was ill and unable to get on line. My book review today is on the second book of the Deadly Reunion Series by Lynette Eason. I love the way Lynette writes, I learn a lot from her books. This one was awesome, I enjoyed it very much and I know you will too.

Awakened from her sleep Serena Hopkins calls 911 for help when she realizes someone is in her home. She takes the gun her father taught her to use. The man knows her name, this isn't a random break in. She warns the man but is forced to shoot him. As the medical examiner she is later called to the scene of a murder. The scene is familiar to her as is the victim. A woman she knew from her past. Even more unnerving is the FBI agent they send to the scene, a man she also knows from her past, a man she once thought she loved.

FBI Agent Dominic Allen is on medical leave as a favor to one of his friends he goes to the murder scene. He needs to talk with Serena about one of her friends who has disappeared. What he finds as evidence mounts up is a pattern that leads to a serial killer. A serial killer that has been behind bars for years or what appears to be a copy cat murderer but how does Serena fit into this case?

Serena and Dominic are thrown into an action packed drama centering around Serena.They struggle to find the killer before he kills again but it is soon apparent that Serena is one of the targets. Both are drawn to each other as the violence becomes more personal.

I enjoy all of Lynette's books. She has such a way with words, her stories are fast moving and action packed. This story will not let you down. You can find it on Amazon or at

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