Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tucson Knights by Robert C. Mowry

My review today is on the historical novel, Tucson Knights. This is book 2 in The Stone Justice Series. I have really enjoyed this series and was very glad when I was asked to read and review this story. I enjoy Robert's work. The story is well written, full of adventure, and I know a great deal of research went into this work. I know you will enjoy it.

Parson Justice P. Stone has been called to Washington to visit President Lincoln. Abe has a mission for him in the Southwest. It seemed the Knights of the Golden Circle are trying to take over the South in an effort to help the confederacy to win the war. What can an old one-legged preacher do?

The parson is armed with a pocket full of letters from the president; one making him an active Colonel in the Union Army, another made him an Army Chaplain, and the third gave him unlimited requisition powers. A silver star was pinned under his vest making him a special US Marshal answering directly to the President.

Stone heads back to his beloved Southwest. He wants to reconnect with close friends and get a chance to become closer with his estranged son. He becomes aware of a plot to murder the new Governor. The Knights try to get him to join their cause but when he refuses he is watched night and day.

A hard journey fro a man of God trying to preach the Word and save the world at the same time. This book is a great read and I'm sure you will want to get a copy of it. I look forward to the next book of his adventures.

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