Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday On The Run by Laura Scott

My review today is one the Love Inspired Suspense, Holiday On The Run. This is the sixth book in the SWAT: Top Cops Series. I have enjoyed every minute of this series. I know it's going to have to end but it wouldn't if I had any say about it. I enjoyed getting to know these characters. Laura is excellent in her writing of intrigues and adventures, I know you will enjoy this book and this series.

Twelve years ago Melissa Harris witnessed a murder. It took place behind the restaurant where she worked. Because of who the men were she ran for her life, no one would believe her. She faked her death after several years when they found her hiding place. She returned to town to see her father on his death bed and so he could meet his granddaughter before he died. Now they have found her and she is on the run again but she runs into the love of her life. Will he believe her when one of the men is a close relative of his?

Swat Cop Nate Freemont is at the shopping mall when he sees the only women he ever loved; but that couldn't be, she died five years ago. He follows her and a young girl and rescues her from two would be killers. What kind of a mess has she gotten herself into? Can he keep them safe, find out who's trying to kill her, and keep his heart from breaking again?

Two brokenhearted people struggling to survive in a world of trauma. God has a plan for these two and once they can trust each other and trust God, He can move and save their lives and the lives of others. A great read!

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