Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Guardian's Promise Christina Rich

My book review today is is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, The Guardian's Promise by Christina Rich. I loved this book. It is difficult to put yourself back into the stories of the Bible but that is what Christina did. I think it would be really difficult to accurately write about a time that was almost a thousand years before Jesus was born. A life where they didn't have a relationship with God but must obey the Law in a time when no one was doing that. I love the way she handled it.

Ariel was a priest and warrior to the royal family when the evil queen has the whole royal family killed to take over the throne. A nurse takes the infant child Joash and hides him in her home village.
To protect the true king of Judah, Ari becomes a slave to the head of that family. Now seven years later Ari's time of servitude is over, he must decide his next move. Caleb, his master, wants him to wed his daughter and become the son he never had but Ari isn't free until he takes the young king back to the temple and finishes his vow to God.

Sh'mira, Caleb's daughter was injured as a young child, now maimed, no man seems wants to take her to wife but a drunkard who wants her fathers land. She dreams of Ari, the mysterious slave, she once saved and a life of home and children. The Queens soldiers come to their village and Mira runs with Joash her adopted brother and hides but the soldiers seem to have inside information.

Ari told the young boy where to hide if they come for him, he finds Mira and Joash waiting for him, now he must save them from the soldiers trying to kill them. A strange and wondrous journey for Mira but terrifying to Ari. Ari must keep the king safe as he is force to consider one of his own family might be the one trying to kill the king, while he fights his growing relationship to Mira. I know you will enjoy this story.

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  1. Glenda, thank you for writing such a wonderful review. I'm glad you liked The Guardian's Promise.